Roll up, Roll up

Apple just mailed to let me know my Mac appstore account is due for renewal, so I can either pony up for another year, or just let my apps, Aptus and CSS3toolkit slowly disappear.

screenshot of aptus screenshot of css3toolkit

I don't personally have the time to maintain or update them anymore, and although they're not exactly selling by the boatload right now, a little while back they did pretty well :) screenshot of twitter

So I'm looking for a new home for them all - either to a keen designer, a dev shop or studio that can take them further. You'll get all source code, art, domains and twitter handles and anything else you need.

I'm not looking for a tonne of money (any sensible offer considered) - I'm more interested in seeing the apps live on in some way.

If you're interested mail me at alexmorris [at] me dotcom